Table Saw Jointing Jig

Table Saw Jointing Jig

This is a simple table saw jig for jointing the edges of boards. It's the same basic idea as the ones by Izzy Swan and Steve Ramsey. Mine is sized for stock that is 1" thick, but it can be adjusted with a few screws.

The base of the jig is a 12" wide, 48" long piece of 1/4" plywood with a 6" wide length of 3/4" plywood laminated on top. The 3/4" plywood overhangs the edge of the base by a small amount so that it is the guiding edge riding along the table saw fence.

Sketch of the table saw jointing jig

I glued and screwed 3 small 3/4" spacers on top of the guide to build the height required for the 1" stock. The clamping fingers are then screwed into those blocks with two pocket screws. There is no glue on the fingers because I may want to remove them in the future to joint thicker stock.

To use the jig, I cut 3 thick shims from a 2x4, and wedged them between the clamping fingers and the board I needed to joint. The jig was then passed through the table saw so that edge of the stock was shaved off. After cutting like this, the cut edge is as straight as the reference edge on the guide.

I used the jig to joint 3 red oak boards for a bench top, and I ended up with nice tight glue lines. It's a little tricky to push the jig through the saw and keep it tight to the fence. A couple handles would probably make it easier to control, but they would also make it a little bulkier for storage.

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