Ford Ranger Diagnosis
Below are some pictures of the underside of my '90 Ford Ranger. The truck pulls to the right when going down the road, especially at higher speeds (around 45 mph). At first, I thought it drove like the right front tire was flat. I also noticed that wheel was very hot when finally called for the tow.

What I've decided is that the brake calliper on the right front is sticking so that the truck rides the brake. I also noticed that the right back drum brake was riding a little, and there may have been (?) some play in both front wheel bearings. I think I'm going try replacing all the brake pads and shoes, front rotors, and front wheel bearings.

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Ranger Front Right Disk
Here is a picture of the front right wheel and disk brake. Although the suspension parts look pretty terrible, I don't think any of them moved when I shook on the wheel. There was a little bit of play in the wheel when I pulled on it, but I think that may be the wheel bearing. It was hard to tell today if the wheel bearing was bad because I didn't pull the riding brake off.
You can kind of see how the pads are riding, and how the outside pad is much thinner than the inside pad.
Ranger Caliper
Ranger Drum Brakes
Here is the back, right drum brakes. The drum didn't look to bad, and I'm going to try and reuse it. There is probably 1/8" of shavings and grease packed around the wheel cylinder there in the middle.
Ranger Inner Tie Rod
This is the inner end of the tie rods where they connect up to the steering gear. I'll admit they don't look great, but the boots are in tact and I think I can just add some grease and keep riding on them. Not touching them might save me the alignment.
This doesn't really have anything to do with why the truck is riding so bad, but is an example of why I don't like driving it on the highway. This is where the lower control arm bolts on to the frame on the front right, and you can see how the bolt on the right was never driving home. I think the guy that owned the truck before me had to remove these bolts when he did the clutch, and he must have gotten lazy and gave up when he couldn't get the bolt in all the way.
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