Wheelbarrow Storage
Completed Wheelbarrow Storage
I've always kept my wheelbarrow next to the fence, but I wanted to raise it up to make it easier to mow around. I saw something similar on a TV home improvement show for storing a wheelbarrow in a garage, and it wasn't hard to carry the concept to the side fence. The whole thing is built from two scrap pieces of treated 2x4 and 3" deck screws. The top is kept from tipping out using a short piece of cloths line wrapped around the handle and the fence post.

The brace on the left is just long enough to straddle the fence rails without touching the ground. Its placed far enough from the fence post to hug the wheelbarrow between the two. For my wheelbarrow, that is 25 5/8".

I placed the top of the bottom rail 13 1/2" up from the ground based on looks. Its screwed through its face to the brace and to the post using deck screws through 2 pocket-holes.

Wheelbarrow Storage Brace Close-up

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