Attic TV Antenna

TV Antenna installed in the attic

We cut the cord a several years ago, and I needed to install a TV antenna for the new house. Our HOA won't let us put an antenna on the outside of the house, and I didn't want to worry about weather or heights. Installing the antenna in the attic is a good compromise.

I'm using a Winegard HD7694P antenna with a Winegard LNA-200 amplifier as close to the antenna as practical. With this combination halfheartedly pointed at Topeka, I get all of my "local" Kansas City stations, and all of the Topeka stations 60-70 miles away. This is much better than I was getting with the setup at the old house, and it beat my best expectation. A list of the stations available in a 70-mile radius of me is available with this AntennaPoint search.

I primarily get my TV out of Kansas City, but grabbing the Topeka stations was a big goal.

Attachment of the mast at the bottom

A length of 1-1/2" schedule-40 serves as the mast, and it's attached to the rafter with a hose clamp. For the bottom, I screwed a short piece of 2x4 to a piece of 1/2" OSB laid across the ceiling joists. The antenna is mounted as high on the mast as possible, and I zip-tied the amplifier towards the bottom to keep it away from the antennas view.

The coax is quad-shield RG-6, and I ran it down into one of the upstairs bedrooms that already had a TV feed from the basement. The two are connected together with a barrel, and hidden behind the wall plate. The power inserter for the amplifier is installed in the basement.

The feed is still only going to one of our TVs, and I may loose a little when I start installing splitters. I might try to install a smaller amplifier just before any splitters, and limit the number of splits between the antenna and our main TV.

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