Maker/Builder/Fixer's Journal
Shop Cabinets
I built 3 large wall cabinets for the workshop side of my garage in an attempt to get a lot of the seldom used tools and supplies out of the way. I'm a fan of storage behind doors because they hide clutter and keep the dust off everything. These cabinets will hold and protect a lot of items while keeping them somewhat accessible. Read more ...
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Garage Workbench
I built a workbench across the back wall of my garage shop at the begining of the year, and I put it to use the second it got a top. It has literally never been clean enough to get a decent picture. It's probably apparent the top is already stained with oil, paint, and shellac. Read more ...
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Mud Bench Area
My wife asked for a mud bench area where the kids could keep their coats, backpacks, and shoes. The area needed a bench where we could put our shoes on with cubbies for baskets to hold hats and gloves. A set of hooks on the wall above the bench would complete the setup. Read more ...
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Table Saw Jointing Jig
This is a simple table saw jig for jointing the edges of boards. It's sized for stock that is 1-in thick, but it can be adjusted with a few screws. Read more ...
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Second Kids Desk
My daughter has been asking for a desk ever since I built my son's last summer. I built it the same way I detailed in the Small Kids Desk article I wrote for the first version with a few differences. Read more ...
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Basement Shelves
We store a lot of items in plastic totes, and needed some shelves in the basement to store them. I probably should have just thrown something together, but instead I have something a little over built. There were several challenges in getting it together, but it's strong and should last forever. Read more ...
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